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Software/Business Methods

Whether developing new technology or improving on technology that already exists, software and methods of doing businesses play a major role in today's world. The firm's attorneys work with clients to identify and protect their unique methods and processes. Accessing, organizing, analyzing, disseminating, and utilizing information play a critical role in today's world. Computer science and information technology are at the forefront of this technology. Having a technical understanding allows us to pinpoint our client's advancements. The firm's attorneys experience and constant training allows us to keep clients apprised of the changing landscape of business method patents and identify the appropriate patent strategy. In addition, the firm's founding partner has significant, practical, business world experience in computer software and hardware related technology.

Specific fields of experience related to computer software and business methods:

  • Commodity trading systems
  • Credit card processing systems
  • Computer graphics
  • Database management
  • Website interaction and use
  • Data Encryption
  • IT support
  • Network security
  • Electronic commerce and advertising
Whatever the implementation, the firm is well poised and experienced in handling any computer software and business methods intellectual property issue.