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Dan Bourque has, over his many years of practicing Intellectual Property law, developed a keen interest in alternative dispute resolution including particularly mediation. Therefore, in addition to his private practice focusing in the area of United States and International Intellectual Property Law, Dan maintains a private mediation practice dealing mainly in the area of intellectual property and commercial disputes. In addition to the training he received from the Office of Mediation and Arbitration of the New Hampshire Superior Court system, Dan has completed both the basic and advanced workshop for mediators in intellectual property disputes offered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Dan has prepared and filed hundreds of patent and trademark applications covering nearly every area of technology. He has also been involved with numerous arts, entertainment and architectural copyright cases, and has extensive litigation experience in all areas of intellectual property disputes.

Dan strongly believes in the value of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, and has been very active in urging and participating in mediation with his clients for many years. His engineering background and calm nature make him well suited to facilitate resolution of disputes by the parties involved. Resolution by the parties themselves, rather than an imposed solution by a trier of fact, allows the parties to craft creative and mutually beneficial results.

Dan's mediation practice is not restricted to any particular geographical area. He will mediate cases in any of New Hampshire's 10 counties or out of state or country. His office is equipped with several comfortable conference rooms and all the required amenities to host mediation if required or desired by the parties. He is fluent in French. Please contact Dan regarding mediation at info@nhpatlaw.com or dbourque@nhpatlaw.com.