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Our clients use electrical, optical and robotic engineering innovations to make life easier, simpler, safer, and more secure. The firm's attorneys have experience in protecting our client's intellectual property dealing in technological applications ranging from analog and digital signal processing to laser surgical devices. The ability to understand the design of circuits and networks, digital signal processing, complex computer hardware architecture and in general the ability to understand how electrical or mechanical devices operate allows us to understand our client's objectives and their hurdles to a successful product design. Whether the invention relates to motors or computer architecture, medical devices or tools, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to understand the invention and protect it for our clients. Examples of fields of experience:
  • Telecommunication
  • Server and client processors
  • Processor/memory architectures
  • Circuit board fabrication
  • Analog and digital electronics
  • Wireless communications
  • Optical telecommunications
  • Optotronics
  • Database architecture
  • Image and video signal processing
  • Motor design
  • Power generation and transmission
  • Mobile communications